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Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Changes

The federal and provincial governments started to make changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) in 2011 to give more options to those who want or need to receive the CPP before the age or 65 and to those who want to postpone taking their pension until after the age of 65. The changes are being phased in gradually from 2011 to 2016. Adjustments have been made to improve the flexibility of the CPP, and to adapt to the different ways that Canadians are approaching retirement these days. For many, retirement is a gradual process, rather than a single event. Personal circumstances, from employment opportunities, or lack of them, health, and other retirement income, affect the timing of retirement, and the gradual adjustments made in the CPP may make it easier for individuals, at the same time keeping the CPP sustainable. What is the Canada Pension Plan? The CPP is a Canadian government pension plan and is a joint federal-provincial responsibility. The CPP is based directly on workers earnings and contributions. Nearly everyone over the age of 18 who works in Canada, outside Quebec, and earns over a basic minimum, currently $3500 a year, contributes to the CPP. Contributions stop at the age of 70, even if you are still working. Employers and employees each make half the required contribution. If you are self-employed, you make the full contribution. CPP benefits can include a retirement pension, a post-retirement pension, disability benefits, and death benefits. In general, the CPP is expected to replace about 25 percent of your pre-retirement earnings from work. The rest of your retirement income can come from the Canada Old Age Security (OAS) pension, employers pension plans, savings and investments (including RRSPs). Changes to the Canada Pension Plan The following changes are in the process of being implemented. CPP monthly retirement pension started after age 65Since 2011, the CPP retirement pension amount has increased by a larger percentage when you start taking it after the age of 65. By 2013, your monthly pension amount has increased by 8.4 percent for every year after 65 up to age 70 that you delay taking your CPP. CPP monthly retirement pension started before age 65From 2012 to 2016, your monthly CPP retirement pension amount will decrease by a larger percentage if you take it before age 65. The monthly reduction for taking your CPP early will be 2013 - 0.54%; 2014 - 0.56%; 2015 - 0.58%; 2016 - 0.60%. Work Cessation Test has been droppedBefore 2012, if you wanted to take your CPP retirement pension early (before the age of 65), you had to either stop working or significantly reduce your earnings for at least two months. That requirement has been dropped. If under 65 and working while receiving a CPP retirement pension, you and your employer must pay CPP contributions.These contributions will go to a new Post-Retirement Benefit (PRB), which will increase your income. If you have an employer, the contributions are split evenly between you and your employer. If you are self-employed, you pay both the employer and employee contributions. If between 65 and 70 and working while receiving a CPP retirement pension, you have a choice about whether you and your employer pay CPP contributions.You do have to complete and submit a CPT30 Form to the Canada Revenue Agency to stop making contributions, however. General Drop-out Provision IncreasesWhen your average earnings over your contributory period are calculated, a percentage of your lowest earnings are automatically dropped. Beginning in 2012, the provision was increased to allow up to 7.5 years of your lowest earnings to be dropped from the calculation. In 2014, the provision allows up to 8 years of lowest earnings to be dropped. Note: These changes do not apply to the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP). If you work or worked in Quebec, see the Rà ©gie des rentes Quà ©bec for information. See Also: Applying for the CPP Retirement PensionCanada Old Age Security (OAS) Pension Changes

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Mental Illness And Its Effects On The Brain - 1754 Words

One in five adults has experienced some type of mental illness. In addition to this, one in twenty has lived with a serious mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, or major depression (Singletary). These statistics show that metal health illnesses are a widespread issue in our world today. Although many people do suffer from mental illnesses, a large number do not receive the care they need because they simply cannot afford it. Mental health illnesses are just as serious as physical injuries, and therefore should receive equal insurance coverage. Mental illnesses are diseases that attack the brain. With the brain being the control center of our bodies, it is easy to see why these illnesses are so serious. Research†¦show more content†¦Imagine always being on guard against danger, living your day to day life in constant fear of a traumatic event you have experienced. Imagine trying so hard to block the memories out, avoiding others and losing contact with the world around you, but no matter how hard you try to forget, you just can’t. Imagine being terrified at the very thought of leaving your shell. These feelings of helplessness are what people suffering with PTSD are forced to cope with (Simpson). Now, imagine having Schizophrenia. You often hallucinate, and some of these hallucinations become so real to you that you lose the ability to distinguish what actually exists from what is in your head (Barbour). The effects don’t end there either; along with the debilitating effects on the mind, peopl e with a mental illness can have various physical symptoms. These include headaches, stomach problems, chest pain, fatigue, or difficulty sleeping (Simpson). The bottom line is this: mental illnesses have profound negative effects on people’s lives. This fact only emphasizes why they need to be adequately treated. There are many different treatment types available for those suffering from mental illnesses. For people with PTSD, often the only way to get better is through confronting and dealing with their traumatic memories. These patients will likely need to see a grief counselor. In addition to this, people with depression who are at risk for suicide may need to undergo psychotherapy, which

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An Analysis of Nonviolent Resistance - 839 Words

An Analysis of â€Å"Nonviolent Resistance† The â€Å"Nonviolent Resistance† written by Martin Luther King Jr. shows the three ways people use to deal with oppression. The first one is acquiescence, which merely increases the oppressor’s contempt. The second way is violence, which merely creates new and more problems. And the third way is nonviolent resistance, which is the way to guide Negro to harmonic race relations. Because nonviolent resistance reconciles the acquiescence and violence, it makes Negro remain in South and struggle for both rights and equality, it helps Negro to achieve the goal of integration, it mitigates the fears of the white and it reaches people more than the law. Finally, nonviolent resistance is worthy of being†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"They would rather bear those ills they have, as Shakespeare pointed out, than flee to others that they know not of† (King 510) serves as a fitting example. Besides, Because of authorâ €™s Christian background, he uses biblical references, such as â€Å"Almost 2800 years ago Moses set out to lead the children of Israel from the slavery of Egypt to the freedom of the promised land† (King 510), and â€Å"Religion reminds every man that he is his brother’s keeper† (King 510). The author uses biblical approach to touch his audience, and audience may feel that they have the same faith with the author and the audience is sure to get evolved. What’s more, the author considers Christian as a morally approach because the audience not only includes black people but also their â€Å"enemy†-white people. â€Å"The nonviolent resister agrees with the person who acquiesces that one should not be physically aggressive toward his opponent† (King 511) and â€Å"The job of the Negro is to show them that they have nothing to fear, Negro understands and forgives and is ready to forget the past† (King 512). He indicates these only t o show that he loves his enemy .White people don’t need to fear because black people will not look back to the disaster history and all they will do is just moving on. So if he fails to touch the audience by his logic, he can still reach them by morally approach. In the third place, the author tries to get support from emotional approach. He uses four â€Å"ratherShow MoreRelatedDr. Martin Luther King1246 Words   |  5 PagesKing is widely regarded as America s pre-eminent advocate of nonviolence and one of the greatest nonviolent leaders in world history. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was cognizance of the interrelatedness of the society mostly the Black Christian society. King s method of nonviolent direct action worked slowly and involved great struggle. Martin Luther King derived much of his philosophy of nonviolent civil disobedience from the Bible and from his understanding of the teachings of Jesus. King alwaysRead MoreUnderstanding The Origins Of Black Resistance1501 Words   |  7 Pagesillustrates that armed self-defense as a form of black resistance dates back to the colonial era. Whereas historian Jacquelyn Dowd Hall has urged historians to look to Reconstruction to understand the origins of black resistance, Cobb begins even earlier with the emergence of American slavery. As a former member of SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee), Cobb uses both his own experiences to highlight the complex relationship between nonviolent activism and armed self-defense at the grassrootsRead MoreNonviolent Resistance And Nonviolent Action2197 Words   |  9 Pagesphysical violence, instead, it was due to the strategic use of nonviolent action. Notable revolutions such as the Civil Rights Movement, Apartheid, and the Dandi Satyagraha (The Salt March) employed a variety of nonviolent tactics that amassed many supporters and ultimately achieved their goals. Thus, it is logical enough to say that nonviolent resistance is effective and has the ability to force a social change. In fact, nonviolent action is a far better method for social change than violent worksRead MoreAn Analysis of â€Å"The Ways of Meeting Oppression†   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Martin Luther1871 Words   |  8 PagesAn Analysis of ?The Ways of Meeting Oppression? Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights movement brought about many different views on how one?s oppression should be handled in America. ?The Ways of Meeting Oppression,? by Martin Luther King Jr., is based on how people handle oppression. According to Dr. King there?s a whole spectrum that ranges from violence to non-violence action in which the views are placed. Martin Luther King Jr. illustrates strategically how oppressed people deal withRead MoreDr. Martin Luther King s Letter From Birmingham Jail1428 Words   |  6 PagesMuhammad’s Muslim organization, who had completely lost faith in America and combined a rejection of Christianity with a belief that white people were devils living on Earth. Despite their differences, Dr. King believed that his movement and method of nonviolent protest could include both of these groups. He offered a constructive approach to both of these groups to fight against segregation and bigotry whereby nobody got hurt. To Dr. King, it was especially important that he be seen as a genuine memberRead MoreFighting Inequality and Oppression with Non-Violence Is always the Best Policy627 Words   |  3 Pages(Mahatma Gandhi) Since Americas independence until today people try to find different approaches to defeat the inequality and the oppression. An old traditional thought is that violence can only be treated with violence, there is no room left for an analysis of the situation and try to approach it differently. Yet, there are ways like Gandhi quote states if we have to break the law and accept the consequences to counter violence by non-violence might as well accept this method; either way people sufferRead MoreGandhis Vision and Life in Attenboroughs Films1172 Words   |  5 Pagesbenefits even if these are leftovers of what is rightfully yours. Their advocacy is for grooming people to become well-fed slaves instead of accepting temporary hardships for a life of freedom and dignity. For them submission is a supreme virtue a nd resistance an abomination. They blame the victims to exonerate the perpetrators. Gandhi did not see any ideology originating from either him or another person. Individuals had to be separated from ideologies, because ideology, he recognized, went further thanRead MoreCivil Resistance And The Civil War2351 Words   |  10 PagesFirst of all, we need to get a grasp on what the term non-violent revolutions mean. While many campaigns of civil resistance are intended for much more limited goals than revolution, generally a nonviolent revolution is characterised by the simultaneous advocacy of democracy, human rights, and national independence in the country concerned. Typical types of nonviolent action include petitions, rallies, marches, strikes, work-to-rule, boycotts, fasts, sit-ins, work-ins and setting up an alternativeRead MoreCommunity Is An Essential Part Of Our Existence1115 Words   |  5 PagesCommunities are an essential part of our existence. This essay will describe a community of which I am a member. Furthermore, it will describe the key elements of t his community and analysis how boundaries are maintained. In addition, it will list the benefits and drawbacks of a community belonging. Lastly, it will discuss how the concept of community changed because of taking conflict, faith, and community. Over the years, we have formed communities so that we can feel apart of something. I amRead MoreRadio Free Dixie1505 Words   |  7 PagesCritical Analysis: Radio Free Dixie The beginning of black militancy in the United States is said to have begun with the chants â€Å"Black Power† demanded by Stokely Carmichael and Willie Ricks during the 1966 March against Fear. While Carmichael and Ricks may have coined the phrase â€Å"black power†, the roots of the movement had been planted long before by Mr. Robert F. Williams. In Timothy Tyson’s book: Radio Free Dixie: Robert F. Williams and the Roots of Black Power, Tyson details the life of

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Benefit Of Technology Essay - 1023 Words

Does technology benefit or hurt humankind as a whole? This is a question that pops up more and more as we continue to advance and integrate technology more into our lives. It is currently pretty clear that we use a substantial amount of technology some would even say to an exaggerated level. You might be thinking to yourself â€Å"what are you talking about, technology is a must it helps us live longer than ever, cure diseases and illnesses and we can even create things only imagined in science fiction books† but the answer isn’t as simple and clear cut like that. Instead this essay will proposed the idea of the hindrance that technology presents to humankind. Using legitimate sources as a support for this argument, resulting in a clear and†¦show more content†¦Technological advances in medicine has caused millions of people to cheat death, which as a result has caused overpopulation. According to a book called â€Å"Population: an introduction to concepts and issues published by John R. Weeks† as a result of overpopulation it has caused resources to become depleted, Bad standard of living and accelerated habitat loss. While some of these things would happen regardless of populations, it would take centuries to reach that state if we had a moderate population. Medicine is not the only field that has had a negative effect on the environment. While technological advances in medicine have caused an indirect harmful effect on the environment, at least in those instances it was for a beneficial outcome. On the contrary technological fields like the transportation industry, Computers and Cellphone industries have had damaging effect on the Ecosystem. According to article called Challenging the air quality discourse – people create pollution not technology that was published in the â€Å"Clear Air journal† airborne by-products from vehicle exhaust can cause air pollution and are a major ingredient in the creation of smog. Wh ile smog effects human’s respiratory systems in a harmful way, it also effects animals in the same manner that it does to humans. High levels of ozone can irritate the respiratory system, generally lasting for aShow MoreRelatedBenefits Of Technology Essay1091 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology is increasingly becoming more prominent in the daily lives of the working class as well as a child’s education. Technology can be very helpful in certain times, but at other times it seems as if we depend on it more than we are actually learning. Is technology more helpful than harmful? This seems to be a dispute within this new age technology world we live in today. Certainly, there are ways we can use the internet to help us obtain information, and having the knowledge at our fingertipsRead MoreEssay about Technology is a Benefit to Our Society1008 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology is a Benefit to Our Society Over the last century, our world has evolved so much, because of the growth of the technological field. Although we spend a lot of money in order to gain new information, the reward goes far beyond the cost of money. In this case, the reward is the ability to save the lives of millions of people. In his essay, â€Å"The Technology of Medicine,† Lewis Thomas describes the three levels of technology; Nontechnology, Halfway Technology, and Effective TechnologyRead MoreEssay about Bilingual education: The Benefits of Technology1834 Words   |  8 PagesBilingual education: The Benefits of Technology The topic of discussion will introduce how technology can benefit Bilingual education in classrooms across the United States. Alone, Bilingual education is a controversial issue. There are several people and organizations in this country who, for various reasons, are opposed to bilingual education. Minorities in the Classroom It is estimated that by the turn of the century up to 40 percent of the children in the nation’s classrooms willRead MoreShould a Computer Grade Your Essays?1499 Words   |  6 PagesGrade Your Essays? The case study discusses the April 2013 launch of Harvard/MIT’s joint venture MOOC (massively open online course) essay scoring program, utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) technology to grade educational essays and short answers, with immediate feedback and ability to revise, resubmit, and improve grades. In 2012, a group of colleagues, Les Perleman, Mark Shermis, and Ben Hamner, introduced over 16,000, K7-12 standardized school tests to the AES (automated essay scoring software)Read MoreAnalysis Of Sherry Turrkle The Flight From Conversation958 Words   |  4 PagesProfessor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sherry Turkle, in her New York Times article â€Å"The Flight from Conversation†, identifies society’s declining ability to connect with each other on a person-to-person basis. Turkle’s purpose is to highlight the importance of human interaction with the absence of technology. She supports her argument concerning technology’s negative implications on people’s interactions amongst each other by the following:Read MoreA Summary OfIt Always Costs By David Suzuki Summary713 Words   |  3 Pagesugh Draft 3 David Suzuki’s essay, â€Å"It Always Costs† argues that technology is always accompanied my negative repercussions. Suzuki clearly emphasizes the negative effects that technology presents by objectifying the damaging nature of scientific innovation. Throughout his essay, Suzuki supports his arguments with specific examples. To justify his reasoning, the author uses the case of DDT, otherwise known as dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. This chemical compound is used as an insecticide toRead MoreTechnological Er The Internet s Effect On The Human Brains Neural Pathways1566 Words   |  7 Pagessuch grand advancements in technology. From the invention of the two way video calling application, Skype, to the multi useful Apple iPhone, technology has created a less patient, multi tasking, more connected to the world around them, consumer. Walking down the street, people are constantly checking in with their technology, whether it its responding to a text, replying to an Instagram comment or reading the latest article on the CNN news app on their iPad. Technology has become a regular part ofRead MoreEssay Communication Technology1537 Words   |  7 PagesMoreover, communication technologies have made it simple to communicate to friend s in the other side of the world by calling them using mobile phone, e-mailing them and writing in our web pages using social networks, such as Face book, Twitter or Messenger. Additionally, many other recourses are used by the majority of people to keep in touch with the world, which they can watch television or listen to the radio especially when they go to work. Therefore, communication technologies are considered oneRead MoreThe Influence Of Technology Essay1207 Words   |  5 PagesThe Influence of Technology What can technology do for an individual or how can technology facilitate life for someone. As seen in todays real world, technology has come a long way. Technology has advanced in such a way that even people who are current with technology feel at times that they are outdated. From telephones that are portable to being able to send an actual machine rover to another planet such as Mars, we have seen an explosion of technology. Mainly all these benefits are technologicalRead MoreThe Legal Profession And Legal Education979 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction This essay outlines two of the most important problems and/or challenges facing lawyers and the legal profession in regard to access to justice for all Australians. The essay will look at how the profession and legal education should respond to these challenges. In society today many industries are facing challenges and problems, including lawyers and the legal profession. The legal profession, in general, is now finding itself having to adapt to changes at a faster rate at any time

Public Entertainment Amusement Parks - 1266 Words

375 million; the number of approximately how many people, from all over the world, flock to amusement parks in the United States every year (IAAPA). Why do so many people go? What makes amusement parks so popular and desirable? The first glimpse of a modern amusement park was created in England during the year of 1133 and was called the Bartholomew Fair. Over time the idea of large places of public entertainment has evolved into the 2,100 immensely popular parks in the world today, 400 which being in the U.S. (IAAPA). These fairs, parks, and carnivals have turned into an international phenomenon, drawing in millions of attenders, and the cause of countless children’s’ begging tears and cries of excitement. They have become a childhood staple, one that many adults and senior citizens admire and repeatedly come back to relive and show to their own children. But why? Why do they have such an impact on society? Amusement parks are a way to escape the troubles of reality by allowing people to enter a child-like state of utter joy. Amusement Parks have been around since medieval times, but why? What separates them from other forms of entertainment? From their roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, and the teacup spin, every part of the parks bring an immense rush adrenaline, excitement, and adventure. Those are things that you cannot obtain from spending an hour or two at the movies or bowling or even at arcades. Before even entering an amusement park, such as Disneyland, a wave of aweShow MoreRelatedEssay on Cheap Amusements527 Words   |  3 Pages(1986) . Cheap Amusements. New York: Temple University. In Cheap Amusements, Kathy Peiss studies the customs, values, public styles, and ritualized interactions expressed in leisure time of the working-class women living in New York. The social experiences of these young women gives different clues to the ways in which these women constructed and gave meaning to their lives between the years of 1880-1920. The laboring poor’s leisure activity was brief, casual, and non-commercial. Amusement was and hadRead MoreWalt Disneys The Disney Company1586 Words   |  7 Pagesfirst couple of decades the Disney Company was only geared toward one business segment, studio entertainment. Walt had the desire to branch out of the studio business and wanted to lean towards the idea of having an amusement park. With years of planning and construction Disneyland was opened on July 17, 1955. With the success of Disneyland, Walt wanted to expand even more and open another â€Å"theme park† on the East Coast. Before Walt Disney passed away land was purchased in Florida to create an ExperimentalRead MoreHow Chinese Dominated Sports Played the Role of Entertaining the Chines Community between 1970s and 1980s2879 Words   |  12 Pages The amusement parks played a nostalgic role amongst the Chinese Singaporeans for their total entertainment experiences. However, in Gay World Amusement Park, its indoor stadium is sentimental to many Chinese Singaporeans. Over the years, Singapore had advocated towards being a world class sporting arena, especially with the hosting of Youth Olympic Game in 2010 and the opening of the new Sporting Hub this year. To see the development of sports over the years, this paper tries to understand how ChineseRead MoreDisney Company : The World s Most Prominent Conglomerate1618 Words   |  7 Pagesinternationally for its princesses, pirates, and the iconic Mickey Mouse, Disney’s holdings include: a portfolio of cable networks (ABC, Disney Channel, ESPN, and more), film studios (Disney Animation and Pixar), Marvel Entertainment, and the internationally celebrated Disney resorts, amusement park, and cruises. Disney excelled in expanding a company’s purpose and assets. While still remaining the frontrunner of animated films, Disney has made its presence known in more than just the film industry. From booksRead MoreIs Captivity Capacious Or Confining?1542 Words   |  7 Pageswhales and placing them in amusement parks for entertainment and educational purposes came to rise. The captive whales brought in millions of dollars in revenue for amusement parks and allowed thousands of people to observe a tremendous creature in a much closer proximity than ever before. Crowds flocked in from across North America to witness an 8,000-pound marine mammal perform tricks and interact with trainers. Nearly 40 years later, as science progresses and public knowledge expands on both marineRead MoreWalt Disney : The Disney1647 Words   |  7 PagesWhy Walt Disney is known Walt Disney innovations include the first cartoons with synchronized sound, the first full-length animated feature film and, of course, the theme park. â€Å"Walt Disney was an American motion-picture and television producer and showman, famous as a pioneer of cartoon films and as the creator of Disneyland. Walter Elias Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in Hermosa, Illinois. He and his brother Roy co-founded Walt Disney Productions, which became one of the best-knownRead MoreDisney : The Culture Behind The Park1606 Words   |  7 PagesBehind the Park The lifecycle of Disney begins with a great story. The story of Disney itself is filled with characters, costumes, and lessons. Disney is known to usually start as a movie and eventually becomes books, merchandise, sequels, TV shows, and of course theme park rides. The fantasy world itself and what the theme parks offer is what specifically catches the visitor’s attention to want to come back again. Throughout all of Disney advertisements regarding their parks, they displayRead MoreThe Life Of Kings Island1450 Words   |  6 Pages364-acre amusement park located in Mason, Ohio. The park is currently owned by Cedar Fair, but was first opened in 1972 by Taft Broadcasting Company. King’s Island was opened in an effort to move and expand Coney Island. After 275 million in capital investments, Kings Island is home to eighty rides, shows, and attractions. Throughout its history, it has received national recognition for record breaking attraction and events.1 Kings Island is divided into several themed sections. The park is openRead MoreSummary Of The Death Of Seaworld Orlando s Trainer Dawn Brancheau 842 Words   |  4 Pages (CNN) The death of the SeaWorld Orlando’s trainer Dawn Brancheau by one of their captive orcas and the consequential delivery, in 2013, of the film Blackfish, have raised a major controversy not only among animal defenders like PETA but also amusement park visitors. Blackfish, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, is a documentary that tells the story of Tilikum, a notoriously aggressive orca who has been linked to the deaths of three individuals while he has been held captive. The film, told largelyRead MoreThe History of Disneyland1272 Words   |  5 Pagesthe first Mickey Mouse cartoon, opened in New York and was a huge hit. Steamboat Willie started Walt’s career because it was the first show that had music and effects added to it. This was something that was never done before but was loved by the public. Walt Disney continued to create many lovable characters and films up till WWI. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released in 1937, was the first feature- length animated film. â€Å"Snow White, which took three years to produce, won a special Academy Award

Cross-functional Team free essay sample

Explain how Google’s HR team members could have been instructed in the teamwork competencies from Table 11-3. We will write a custom essay sample on Cross-functional Team or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page How important is trust to a cross-functional team? Describe how managers can build trust among cross-functional teams, which comprise diverse backgrounds and differing perspectives. Explain which type of cohesiveness, socio-emotional or instrumental, is more important in this type of cross-functional team. What strategies would you offer Google’s Laszlo Bock to help in creating, developing, and leading effective cross-functional work teams? Explain how Google’s HR team members could have been instructed in the teamwork competencies from Table 11-3. How important is trust to a cross-functional team? Describe how managers can build trust among cross-functional teams, which comprise diverse backgrounds and differing perspectives. Explain which type of cohesiveness, socio-emotional or instrumental, is more important in this type of cross-functional team. What strategies would you offer Google’s Laszlo Bock to help in creating, developing, and leading effective cross-functional work teams? Explain how Google’s HR team members could have been instructed in the teamwork competencies from Table 11-3. How important is trust to a cross-functional team? Describe how managers can build trust among cross-functional teams, which comprise diverse backgrounds and differing perspectives. Explain which type of cohesiveness, socio-emotional or instrumental, is more important in this type of cross-functional team. What strategies would you offer Google’s Laszlo Bock to help in creating, developing, and leading effective cross-functional work teams? Explain how Google’s HR team members could have been instructed in the teamwork competencies from Table 11-3. How important is trust to a cross-functional team? Describe how managers can build trust among cross-functional teams, which comprise diverse backgrounds and differing perspectives. Explain which type of cohesiveness, socio-emotional or instrumental, is more important in this type of cross-functional team. What strategies would you offer Google’s Laszlo Bock to help in creating, developing, and leading effective cross-functional work teams? Explain how Google’s HR team members could have been instructed in the teamwork competencies from Table 11-3. How important is trust to a cross-functional team? Describe how managers can build trust among cross-functional teams, which comprise diverse backgrounds and differing perspectives. Explain which type of cohesiveness, socio-emotional or instrumental, is more important in this type of cross-functional team. What strategies would you offer Google’s Laszlo Bock to help in creating, developing, and leading effective cross-functional work teams?

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English for Academic

Question: Discuss that the essay is aimed at verifying the fact whether business can be practiced without information technology. Answer: The function of a successful business depends on the strategic framework of the business. Introduction of new technologies and other advanced framework has lead businesses to a better position in the competitive market. The key player among the technological factors is the information technology. Introduction of information technology in business has helped the organizations to gain a proper edge in the business domain (Davenport 2013). Moreover, presently the key feature of any business environment is its fast moving nature. In order to cope with the continuously increasing speed it is necessary to introduce information technology in the strategic framework of the business. In addition to these factors, the emergence of globalization has made information more valuable to the business organizations. This has helped the organizations to gain better and well-structured information about the market structure, develop and design products accordingly (Zikmund et al. 2012). Therefore, it i s also necessary for the organizations to adapt the technologies that will be able to handle this information in a proper way. Counter argument- Nowadays, most of the business organizations are dependent on computers for the automation of the traditional processes. Moreover, business organizations have to deal with a large data base, management information systems, internet, intranet and other computerized machineries which are strictly correlated with the computer technologies. Rebuttal- The perceived idea was that the use of information technology is concentrated on the marketing and finance department. Argument- Willcocks (2013) argued that presently it is almost impossible for the human resource department of the medical industry to operate successfully without information technology. Evidence- This can be presented with the help of an example. All the transactions performed in a warehouse are recorded by a transaction processing system (Zhu et al. 2012). In the absence of the machine, the human resource department would need to make a note of all the transactions. This would be a long drawn process whic h could also delay the production. Counter argument - Business process redesigning is the key element of getting success in the business. The business process redesigning can be characterized as the process of redesigning and reforming the business process in order to achieve extensive advancement in performance in various sectors of business such as cost, service, quality. Now, with the passage of time the business process redesign became the strongest concept in the business management (Zhu et al. 2012). Rebuttal - A detailed study by Jeston and Nelis (2014) revealed that information technology and the concept of business process redesign are highly correlated. In fact, information technology acts as the activator of the process change mechanism. Argument - According to Hartmann et al. (2012), the business process redesigning increases the effectiveness of the business as well as the quality of the products delivered is also improved. This is because of the strict monitoring of the management on the processes. Evide nce - Now, business process redesigning can be referred to as an essential requirement for successful business while it is a result of the implementation of information technology. Therefore, the introduction of information technology in the business is essential for its efficient operability. Counter argument - Majchrzak and Markus (2012) pointed out that information technology is turning into the centre of development and delivery of strategic framework of business, it is more essential to pay addition attention to the increasing use of information technology in the business. Rebuttal - However, Schneider and Spieth (2013), argues that it is also very important to note what the organizations are trying to achieve with their information technology and the way information technology designs its strategy is also important for the success of the organization. Argument - Again, author, opined that the business strategies and the information technology of the business should be complementary to each other as well as being supportive. This in turn signifies that the strategy development is a two way process between the business organization and information technology (sterle 2013). Evidence Maximum business organizations are using the ERP system for getting more facilities in their business (Jeston and Nelis 2014). Counter argument - The emergence of ecommerce websites has opened a number of market opportunities for the business organizations. It has helped the organizations to gain access to a broader customer base and target the desired segments more efficiently. Introduction of ecommerce has leaded the business organizations to a wider market, where the company can simply design a website and put the pictures of its product on the website along with the respective prices of the products (McCaughey and Ayers 2013). Rebuttal - This will help to attract a large number of consumers who shop online. In the remote areas where it is not possible for the company to reach to the consumers directly, it is beneficial for the residents of those places to buy the products online. Argument - However, Rainer et al. (2013) argued that the introduction of ecommerce has given rise to a significant level of competition in the market. The companies are now competing with a large number of competitors in the sam e trade as the consumers are now faced with a large number of alternatives. Evidence - The introduction of ecommerce in the business is also a result of information technology. It helped the ecommerce sites to maintain the logistics as well as maintaining the transactional accounts. Counter argument - With the emergence of information technology, there is a rise of social media networking and nowadays it is almost impossible for a company to survive in the competitive market without promoting its product in the social media networking. Therefore, it is also essential for an organization to take active part in promoting its product in the social media. Rebuttal - As per the statistics, it is evident that a significantly large portion of the population is now using Smartphones and almost all of them are active users of internet. Argument - Therefore, it is more likely that a large number of mobile phone users will be using the social networking sites, thus promoting in the social media will help the company to address a significantly large customer base (McCaughey and Ayers 2013). Evidence - The business organizations have also become eligible to obtain the opinion of the consumers about the company. In order to conclude it can be said that, in the era of globalization and advancement ofthe economic structure, organizational change is quite likely to take place. With the ever-changing organizational structure, the business should keep up changing its framework accordingly. Therefore, to cope with the changing environment it is essential for the business to use the most efficient tool of business management that is the information technology. The entire essay is concerned about the role of information technology in the business process redesigning and the strategic framework of the business. Both of these act as the heart of the business, while it has been found that without the introduction of information technology it would have been impossible to perform these functions. Again, the implementation of information technology has opened up a new scope for the business organizations. For example, the introduction of ecommerce websites and promotional activities in the social media n etwork has helped the companies to acquire a larger base of customers. However, the companies could more efficiently perform the promotional activities if they try to communicate with the potential customers on a one to one basis. The competition in the ecommerce world can also be mitigated by offering unique opportunities or taking patent of a particular popular product so that no other ecommerce website can sell the product. Moreover, rigorous and extensive market research should always be conducted to gain knowledge about the competitors; as this will help to design strategies more efficiently. However, at the end it can easily be concluded that it will be very difficult to operate the business in an efficient manner. Reference List Davenport, T.H., 2013. Process innovation: reengineering work through information technology. Harvard Business Press. Hartmann, T., Van Meerveld, H., Vossebeld, N. and Adriaanse, A., 2012. Aligning building information model tools and construction management methods. Automation in construction, 22, pp.605-613. Jeston, J. and Nelis, J., 2014. Business process management. Routledge. McCaughey, M. and Ayers, M.D. eds., 2013. Cyberactivism: Online activism in theory and practice. Routledge. sterle, H., 2013. Business in the information age: heading for new processes. Springer Science Business Media. 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